◆粘糊部采用电动蠕动泵,维护保养简单。(可选配美国 VALCO 喷胶系统)




    Performance Characteristics of The Whole Machine

    ◆The whole machine is designed and produced according to high requirement, high performance and high safety.

    ◆Electric parts and main mechanical parts are imported from Europe, USA, Japan and so on. So high quality and high running stability are realized.

    ◆Smart computer control, touch screen data set device,not need to adjust individually by operator.

    ◆Automation saves labour cost, high efficiency, high speed.

    ◆Peristaltic pump applied for gluer unit, that is easy for maintaining. (USA VALCO optional)

    ◆Continuous flapping system can effecively make the carboard to be neat.

    ◆Counter transfer unit,counting and seperate in high speed.